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INR Home testing 12 months – interest free

Roche offer their CoaguChek® XS system on 12 months interest free.

• 12 X monthly payments of £24.91
• Total £299*

If you are an INR patient you may be able to become a self tester, which negates the need to visit your GP or hospital for each blood test.

I had an Aortic valve replacement 10 years ago, and because of my busy work life I was unable to always attend my much needed blood test appointments. Unfortunately doctors surgeries and hospitals don’t yet have the flexible opening times of supermarkets.

*Correct at the time of posting



The smart way to test your blood INR at home.
The CoaguChek XS is easy to use and it provides a precise PT/INR result usually in less than 1 minute.
Ideal for users of Warfarin.